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Hi everyone, I am replacing carpet in my entire house (~200 sq yards) and am looking for something durable that will last for 10+ years. I have 2 cats, a large dog, and one teenage daughter who likes to eat everywhere but in the kitchen. I have been to 6 local stores in my area and am confused about all the different advice I've received. Some stores really push Smartstrand (triexta); others think nylon is still the wear king; some say solution dyed nylon is better; others say it doesn't matter. Everyone is surprised at the questions I ask because apparently most people just pick out carpet by color and how soft it is - lol! Some have even told me that they can't get the carpet specs because the manufacturers won't give that info out! Anyway, I've finally narrowed down my choices to the following: Carpet # 1 - Shaw Platinum Texture (seems to be the same as Middle Valley III at Carpet One) Fiber: 100% ANSO nylon Face weight: 53.6 oz Pile height: 0.65 Density: 2969 Twist: 6.1 Stitches per inch: 11.83 PAR: 4 Carpet # 2 - Tuftex Izzy (Shaw product) Fiber: Stainmaster SuperiaSD Nylon 6,6 Face weight: 53.6 oz Pile height: 0.77 Density: 2506 Twist: 6.05 Stitches per inch: 10 PAR: 3.25 Carpet # 3 - Mohawk Harmonious (seems to be the same as Alexander Smith Serene Cottage) Fiber: Smartstrand Sorona Face weight: 55 oz Pile height: 0.55 Density: 3528 (calculated) Twist: 5.5 Stitches per inch: unknown PAR: 3.5 These 3 are all about the same price and have a color I like. I am confused because I thought that the Stainmaster Pet Protect (Carpet # 2) would make the most sense for my situation since it's solution dyed nylon and type 6,6. However, I don't understand why the PAR rating is only 3.25 plus this carpet does not have a soft bac. I understand that Shaw puts a soft bac on their higher end carpets so I'm curious why Shaw doesn't consider this one of their better carpets. Based on the specs, I'm tempted to go with Carpet # 1 which has the highest PAR rating but it's nylon 6 and not solution dyed nylon. Based on the other specs, does it matter? I really can't decide whether to take the risk with the smartstrand for my entire house. I read a lot of positive as well as negative comments about it. I do like the look of it but it's only a PAR 3.5 and I would like to be higher than that. I have a found a Tuftex Stainmaster product (Harbour Island) with a PAR of 4.5 which is impressive for a textured cut pile carpet. It has a face weight of 53.6 oz, pile height of 0.63, density of 3063, and twist of 7.7. It also has a soft bac. This is Stainmaster Luxurell so it's nylon 6,6 but not solution dyed. I have not been able to find this style in any stores near me but I was able to request a sample and the specs from Shaw directly. It looks very similar to my first 3 choices but I suspect that the price is going to be a lot higher, especially since this would have to be special ordered. But maybe this is worth considering on stairs? Thank you in advance for your advice on my current choices. I hope you are all enjoying the holiday weekend!
Category: Carpet Post By: JACQUELINE LONG (Franklin, TN), 02/26/2019

Since their are literally thousands of carpets out there, most folks here don't know each one. You're on the right track looking at a dense nylon. #3 looks good from the specs, but alsa remember that color plays into the visual aspect of how long a floor looks good

- ALBERT STEWART (Johns Creek, GA), 03/14/2019

kylenelson said: ? You're on the right track looking at a dense nylon. #3 looks good from the specs...Click to expand... Smartstrand Harmonious is not nylon. Even though it is an advanced fiber, a step or 2 removed from polyester, I still don't trust it as much as nylon. I think nit-picking over the small details of specifications is over-thinking the choices. Both 1 & 2 will last longer than the average carpet - meaning most people tire of their better quality carpets before they actually wear or ugly out. Manufacturing carpet may be a lot like rocket science; choosing carpet is not. My guess is that most retail sales people aren't as interested in selling to your needs as much as they are selling to their commissions.

- LEAH BARBER (Burnsville, MN), 04/21/2019

just to give you an opinion on the 3 you've narrowed it down to. Go with tuftex If only because it is a shaw product but made in the mill in CA, i've never had an issue with tuftex carpet I kind of love it. I wrote a longer post, but I removed it, because if you ain't got nothing nice to say, don't say nothin at all. Not that there is anything really wrong with the other carpets, I'd just rank them #1 Tuftex #2 Shaw #3 Mohawk

- TERRI GREGORY (O'Fallon, MO), 04/19/2019

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