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Found by typing in flooring forum in google. I'm looking for tips on replacing my carpet with something quality/affordable. I brought my current carpet into a couple flooring stores and they told me they don't make carpet like it anymore. I purchased it ten years ago. I have been told it is a nylon frieze with a high twist (9 or so) on a 1/10 gauge. I never showed footprints or vacuum marks and all the current friezes on the market look like they just get crushed down easily. Does anyone have suggestions? I can post this somewhere else too.. Thanks in advance
Category: Carpet Post By: BARRY MONTGOMERY (Santa Clara, CA), 01/08/2019

I was in a carpet store today(looking for my home area rug and tile) I should have looked at samples. So, I guess styles have changed or it didn't perform well. Maybe it's not as high anymore, but cut pile may be textured to look like fre zay. The plush shows marks. Is it just for living room and other attached rooms are staying?

- ALBERTO BARBER (Eden Prairie, MN), 03/17/2019

Hi Mike! Thanks for your reply! It's for three bedrooms, 2 hallways, and a living room and a set of stairs. The closest one to what I have costs $8-9 per sq ft installed. That's more than what I paid ten years ago but appears lesser quality. For that price I might as well do hardwood floors! The only problem with that is our trim and everything is that honey oak color and from a design perspective nothing looks good next to it unless it's oak itself and I do not want anymore oak. I'm done with oak. I could paint all the woodwork white and get the floor I really want (medium brown) but we plan to sell within the next couple years and I've been told by a realtor that I won't get all that money back. It would sure update the house and make it look more modern though. I'm just at a loss on what to do! I feel like EVERYTHING nowadays is crap quality yet pricey! Thanks for reading this and for any thoughts.

- LARRY T (Fresno, CA), 05/12/2019

I'm with you 100%. I re read your second post and added another 10%. Your comps will determine sale price, just depends on buyer. Selling the home is all about first impressions. You got me on pricey and junk as well. And 8-9$ use to be for a yard for cheap builder grade carpet, that's sq ft x 9. I would consider possibly replacing LR and halls with wood, leaving Br's with carpet if layout doesn't conflict, or condition of carpet in br needs replacement. If you were to use vinyl plank potential buyers could be fooled and not care, kids can destroy wood. Is the realtor a friend? Their input/assistance helps, my wife is a realtor and some customers(most) get their money's worth from what I hear. I'm done with oak, and honey color also, your style sounds up to date for potential buyers, you start looking for new homes? That can guide your selection as well.

- JAMIE WEBER (Centennial, CO), 04/20/2019

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