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Hi there, I posted awhile back on choosing a carpet and have finally chosen one! I picked Tigressa, soft style, hayslip, textured carpet. (I think this is actually a shaw product from my googling.) It is BCF Nylon, 6.70 twist, 53.50 face weight, and 3711 density. I'm thinking I finally found a quality carpet!? So now I want to make sure whoever does this work knows what they are doing in terms of seams. How do I ask the right questions to make sure I get someone who is going to do it right? One installer said he uses a tool called a seamer down. He said he uses a tape underneath and then an iron which heats it up and melts the backing together and then it immediately cools it down. Is this the best way to go about a seam for this carpet? I am also concerned about VOC's and off-gasing but have heard they have made many changes so most options are better in that regard. Should I ask which sealer he is using or what should I ask? We are a chemically sensitive family so that's why I'm asking. Thanks SO much for any advice any of you have. I am so grateful for this forum! Melanie
Category: Carpet Post By: ROBERT WILLIAMS (Brentwood, CA), 01/09/2019

He should also be sealing the seams. Thermoplastic is the way to go but make sure it is sealed. Thermo wouldn't have much off gassing if any after it is cool. Seamer down is a good tool also to use. The only off gassing is when the seam is constructed. If you are chemically sensitive I would have the installer set his iron outside as soon as he is done seaming as there will be some smoke from the seaming process. You may want to open a window and have a fan blowing toward the outside. Any thing you can do to get rid of the smells would be to your benefit. I've done jobs where I couldn't wear deodorant of after shave. Carpet will have an oder so there will be some off gassing there. Again have windows or the HVAC going to dissipate the oders or voc's. They should be gone in 24-48 hours. Daris

- CAROLINE PAGE (Milford, CT), 04/24/2019

I prefer the koolglide iron. Main benefit is that it's not a one shot chance. With the koolglide, if there's a gap or overlap, it can be reheated and reset. Sealed seams with latex or thermo is fine.

- BARBARA ROWN (Kennewick, WA), 04/20/2019

You are asking a question that there is more then one tool and more the one way to do. Yes Kool Glide is a good seaming iron, but is it the only one No, Seamerdown is a great seam weight behind any seam iron, but there again is it the only way? No. do I use both of them, Yes. Does not mean I am better then someone who uses the regular iron and a normal seam weight. This is what I will tell you to ask. Does your installer follow the industry standard? This means that it is to be sealed, no cut fibers or loops, backing level and tight, no gaps, seam tape melted correctly. If all this is done you then will have a good long lasting seam.

- GENE NUNEZ (Rogers, AR), 04/05/2019

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