Forum Title: Crazy to consider Lowe's for carpet?
First, I want to extend a huge thank you to everyone who has shared information on this forum! I've learned so much. Here are our project specifications: About 830 square feet of carpet 4 small bedrooms + hallway + stairs Children living in college dorms/apartments No grandchildren or pets Prefer Nylon, probably a multi-color texture but open to a frieze Looking for durability over softness Budget is $3500 - $5000, hoping to be closer to $3500 so we can do some other projects as well I can't quite believe that our top carpet choice is at Lowe's: Phenix Stainmaster PetProtect SOS Companion (Rare Find color) Solution dyed BCF Nylon 6,6 Face Weight around 42 oz. Twist 6.5 Can't remember the density, not easy to see backing when sample is folded. The total cost is $3457.03 with the L&P Elite Foam pad (may drop back to 8lb. rebond -- still trying to figure out padding). We have shopped at locally-owned flooring stores, Carpet One, and Lowe's. I am surrounded by carpet books and samples as I type (including several Shaw Anso Nylon options). This has been an interesting experience. I am surprised by the outright wrong information that I have received from owners and sales people at all of these stores, and how difficult it is to track down specific information. One store owner, who gets great reviews on Google, told me that he didn't carry any polyester carpet in his entire store while encouraging me to select a P.E.T. product. Another assured me that even though a carpet was labelled P.E.T. and did not say SmartStrand anywhere on the carpet sample or display, he knew that it really was a SmartStrand P.T.T. fiber. Truly buyer beware out there. So appreciative for the collective wisdom on this forum! We had a really bad installation experience with Lowe's 10 years ago, but I think they may have the best carpet for the best price for our current needs. I have met several times with their flooring guy (who is my neighbor's brother and used to work for Mohawk) and believe that I understand where things went wrong before. Am I insane to look at Lowe's? Is there a carpet similar to the SOS Companion from a different manufacturer and retailer? Thanks for any feedback or input!
Category: Carpet Post By: JAMIE WEBER (Centennial, CO), 02/15/2019

I don't mind Lowes as much anymore. I think they changed to national installation company like Home Depot. Ask about the install warranty, not sure what your previous problem was. I hope the pad is rebond, years ago I was not impressed with the foam products.

- ANDY FITZGERALD (North Las Vegas, NV), 03/23/2019

I have solseen some downright awful installations from big box stores. It's not always the case , but I would say that you're almost always better off going local.

- AUDREY SANTOS (Denver, CO), 03/29/2019

Why would you want an international/global CORPORATION to negotiate your local flooring needs. It's a patently ridiculous proposition. So you've met some sleazy local retailers. They're out there-----in spades. I would be astounded if there were NO reputable dealers in your area. In fact I would bet you my left testicle that there are wonderful, professional flooring retailers who would do you right. I can't find them for you. Here's what I can tell you. I hired contractors at my house to do stucco, kitchen remodel, copper-repipe and some fairly extensive electrical work amongst other things. They come out to the house to look around and discuss the various complications and pricing. I can smell a creep from 25 miles away. I shit you not. I'll bet you have a similar instinct. I've spent a few lifetimes in the flooring trade so I have an advantage over you but ONLY very specifically in the flooring experience. Hiring a contractor for your home is really about TRUST and understanding the concept of INTEGRITY. Those that have worked on my home convinced me not only of their professionalism as tradesman/contractors but as honest people who I would trust inside and outside my home. The last thing I'm interested in is the lowest bidder on the face of the earth---------scratch that--------we're scouring the globe from Eastern Europe to Central America to Cambodia for the half-ass knucklehead who will install flooring for 15 cents a square foot cheaper than a legit local American company with established credentials..............OK. RANT OVER

- LAURA LEE (Fontana, CA), 05/17/2019

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