Forum Title: carpet removal sloppy?
My old carpet is just removed by a contractor in preparation for new carpet install tomorrow. However I have some concerns: (1) some staples are sticking out (2) in part of a room, old rotted? pad is stuck to the subfloor. Should it be scraped off before putting on new pad? Here's a link to the photos: Any comment or feedback is appreciated. PS. Both the carpet remover and installer comes from the same carpet dealer
Category: Carpet Post By: FELICIA MOSS (Lafayette, IN), 02/13/2019

I sure would hope the installers will do the final clean up. I know many times contractors have done this to me and I had to do the clean up. I then would add this to my price.

- ERIK WOLFE (Sacramento, CA), 04/05/2019

looks like the work of a 'non flooring' individual. Sure the pad could be safely scraped later, but leaving staples in the floor is an accident waiting to happen. If I had one crew do a removal like that, the next crew installing would punk the heck out of them. It should have been scraped clean and swept. On the stairs, the tacker staples need to be pulled, if for nothing else other than safety. I've had some nightmare stairs where you could visibly see, two or three installations worth of staples. No fun. DB

- TYRONE MCCARTHY (Brooklyn Park, MN), 03/25/2019

That looks like a typical non-installer rip out. The problem is now the installer is going to show up and either have to clean it up for free or try an go over it. IMHO a few staples sticking up aren't the end of the world. The ones with chunks of pad under them however need to be scraped up. That pad that is stuck to the floor needs to come up too but it is a total mess that can be walked on to the new carpet and stain it. I cringe every time I see it. I bag it up so it doesn't pollute my van. All those chunks of carpet left on the stairs need to come off. It can be tedious blister inducing work, that again the guy installing your floor probably isn't getting paid to do. I myself would never intentionally do less than my best for a customer, but if I were to walk in there tomorrow and have to clean all that up for free it would put me in a bad mood for the rest of the day, and when I'm in a bad mood its impossible for my work not to suffer. What I'm trying to say is, keep an eye on the installer and make sure he doesn't just try to go over it all.

- TONI YANG (Florissant, MO), 03/31/2019

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